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             abstract = "This paper describes the behavior of a microwave external 
                         modulation link composed of: optical and radio frequency sources, 
                         Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZ), optical fiber and photodetector. The 
                         electro-optical circuit modulates the RF signals and transmits 
                         them to the detector through the optical fiber. The main 
                         contribution of this paper lies on the different approach to the 
                         system analysis; we consider an off-quadrature biased MZM. By 
                         extending the mathematical model found in the literature for the 
                         case of different bias voltages, we compute a few performance 
                         parameters of the system like Gain and SFDR. For computing those 
                         parameters we use a custom made program written in the MATLAB 
                         environment. In addition to the system's characterization and 
                         insights on its off-quadrature operation, another contribution of 
                         this article is the model validation. We assembled the 
                         electro-optical circuit and measured some performance parameters 
                         for different values of bias voltages. By comparing the 
                         experimental results with the theoretical ones, we validated the 
                         model. Finally, we also consider the applications for microwave 
                         signals distribution by optical fiber links.",
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