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             abstract = "Ara{\c{c}}{\'a} is a small bay with hydrodynamic dominated by 
                         tides, bordered by rocky flanks, that covers four beaches, three 
                         sections of mangrove forests and a soft-bottom plain (Amaral et 
                         al, 2010). Ara{\c{c}}{\'a}, as well as the entire northern coast 
                         of S{\~a}o Paulo / Brazil, is immersed in an intense context of 
                         socio-economic and environmental changes, resulting from economic 
                         growth policies related to energy, infrastructure and logistics. 
                         Nowadays, the expansion of the port of S{\~a}o Sebasti{\~a}o at 
                         Ara{\c{c}}{\'a} stands out, which will provide an area increase 
                         of 600.000,00mē (CPEA, 2011) with the deletion of local coastline 
                         areas from Ara{\c{c}}{\'a} bay, significantly changing the 
                         hydrodynamics and the socio-ecological processes that depend on 
                         it. In this context The Multiscale Integrated Model of Ecosystem 
                         Services - MIMES / Ara{\c{c}}a will be developed, which aims to 
                         dynamically evaluate the interactions and feedback relationships 
                         of human and natural systems of the region. The model covers the 
                         southeastern portion of the sub-basins of S{\~a}o Sebasti{\~a}o 
                         County and the northwest portion of the city of Ilhabela, besides 
                         the S{\~a}o Sebasti{\~a}o channel. The purpose of modeling comes 
                         from the framework developed by Boumans et al (2015) that relies 
                         on dynamic models of explicitly specialized systems, supported by 
                         GIS data. Thus, an array/matrix of the relationships between human 
                         and natural systems in the area was developed. Within the human 
                         dimension, the components of local economic systems, institutions, 
                         population dynamics, and the projects related to infrastructure 
                         were identified. In the environmental dimension, the physical and 
                         biotic aspects of marine ecosystems, mangroves and land were 
                         identified. It was possible to identify key ecosystem services 
                         provided by the environment and its direct beneficiaries from the 
                         crossing, defining the basis of the conceptual model of relations 
                         between the different compartments for the construction of 
                         Ara{\c{c}}{\'a}s MIMES model.",
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