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                         how spatial dynamic models coupled with environmental valuation 
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             abstract = "This paper approaches the economic valuation of environmental 
                         impacts related to soil erosion and silting-up of water streams. 
                         The aim of this study is to evaluate the contribution of 
                         silting-up mitigation to funding the environmental recovery of 
                         riparian areas found in sugarcane farms. Spatial dynamic models 
                         were conceived to simulate past land cover/land use changes 
                         (2005-2010) and future landscape scenarios (2010-2020) in the 
                         study area. Three sets of scenarios: i) stationary scenarios, in 
                         which the transition rates observed in former years were held 
                         constant (business as usual); ii) non- stationary scenarios with a 
                         partial recovery of environmentally protected areas along 
                         riversides (70% by 2015); iii) non-stationary scenarios with a 
                         full recovery (100% by 2015). The envisaged scenarios for 
                         environmental recovery can reduce environmental impacts up to 16% 
                         (US\$41,479.29 to US\$56,789.40) yearly. The silting mitigation 
                         would approximately contribute with US\$13.83 to US\$18.94 ha- 
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