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             abstract = "A new algorithm, provisionally named groupGCP, developed aiming at 
                         grouping individual return strokes detected by Lightning Location 
                         Systems (LLS) into ground strike points (GCP), is presented. The 
                         criteria for grouping decision and determination of centroid 
                         (ground strike point) positions are based on the k-means 
                         clustering method. However, the exact metric to be considered for 
                         both criteria can be chosen by the user, allowing the use of error 
                         ellipse scaling equations instead of Euclidean distances when 
                         location error information is available. The algorithm was created 
                         in such a way that it is capable of determining the number of 
                         strike points (k value) numerically according to a maximum 
                         distance also defined by the user which, in turn, depends on the 
                         location accuracy of the LLS. Maps of the number of GCPs per flash 
                         can be generated from long-term databases of lightning occurrence, 
                         allowing not only its use for scientific studies but also for 
                         applications in hazard mitigation and lightning protection 
                         techniques. Some examples are presented and discussed.",
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