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             abstract = "The Geomagnetic Field over the Brazilian sector of the South 
                         American Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) has been monitored by the 
                         NANOSATC-BR Ground Stations Network it is based on the INPE-UFSM's 
                         NANOSATC-BR, CubeSats Development \& Capacity Building Integrated 
                         Programs on space science, engineering and computing sciences for 
                         the development of space technologies, through CubeSats 
                         nanosatellites and the qualification of new young scientists \& 
                         technologists for the Brazilian Space Program. These Programs have 
                         two operational tracking ground stations (GS) with communications 
                         designed for small satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), using 
                         radio amateur frequencies from IARU - International Amateur Radio 
                         Union, such as CubeSats for use in university environments, as 
                         UFSM, ITA and INPE in Brazil. It is a compact turnkey setup and 
                         Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations (GENSO), with 
                         VHF/UHF band and S-band antennas, one GS(INPE-CRS) in Santa Maria, 
                         RS, Lat: 29.4245 S, Long 53.4303 W, and a second one 
                         GS(INPE-ITA) in S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos, SP, Lat: 23.2090 
                         S, Long 45.8745 W, both dedicated for the monitoring and tracking 
                         of the first two CubeSats of these Programs: NANOSATC-BR1 (1U) 
                         launched into a LEO orbit from the Russian Yasny Launch Base by a 
                         DNEPR launch vehicle on June 19th, 2014, as the first Brazilian 
                         scientific university CubeSat and a NANOSATC-BR2 (2U) with 
                         launching planed for the end of 2015. These CubeSats are expected 
                         to operate in orbit for about 12 months each. These Programs which 
                         have the support from The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), with its 
                         NANOSATC-BR Brazilian Ground Stations Network and the first 
                         observational results of the Geomagnetic Field monitoring over the 
                         Brazilian SAMA region are presented.",
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