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             abstract = "A Lidar tuned to sodium resonance line at 589 nm has been operated 
                         at S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos, Brazil (23 deg S, 46 deg W) 
                         since 1993 processing the Rayleigh signal from which the 
                         temperatures from ~35 to ~65 km are retrieved in a nightly mean 
                         basis. In order to remove tidal effects only profiles obtained 
                         from 18:30 LT to 23:30 LT were considered in this analysis. We 
                         used these nightly profiles to determine the monthly temperature 
                         profiles from April 1993 to April 2014. The mean temperature 
                         characteristics for every year and for the whole period are 
                         obtained and do not differ too much from the previous climatology 
                         using shorter data series. A model including solar cycle, southern 
                         oscillation index, QBO, Annual and Semiannual oscillations and 
                         Linear trends has been fitted to the monthly temperatures every 3 
                         km from 36 to 63 km. Variable linear trends with altitudes are 
                         determined with a maximum negative trends at 54-55 km attaining 
                         3.15 K/decade.",
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