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             abstract = "Medium-scale gravity waves have been observed in the OH airglow 
                         images at Sao Joao do Cariri (36.5W; 7.4S). During two years of 
                         observation by about 100 gravity waves have been observed and 
                         their horizontal parameters have been estimated. Most of the 
                         gravity waves propagates to the Northeastward direction. These 
                         waves range from few minutes to almost two hours of observed 
                         period. Regarding to the observed phase speed, the gravity waves 
                         range from 50 m/s to 200 m/s. It corresponds to wavelength, which 
                         extends from 50 km to 400 km. In addition, the vertical 
                         characteristics of these waves have been investigated using 
                         TIMED/SABER satellite data, ever coincident sounding of the 
                         satellite crossed the field of view of the imager. Only few 
                         coincident measurements were possible. In this paper, we have 
                         studied two of these events in details. According to the theory of 
                         gravity waves, these observed waves can be either primary or 
                         secondary gravity waves. Studying the vertical and horizontal 
                         characteristics of these waves, we will be able to know the 
                         frequency of occurrence of secondary gravity waves in the 
                         equatorial region.",
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