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             abstract = "The objective of the work is to analyze one thunderstorm day that 
                         produced lightning with peculiar characteristics, different from 
                         those commonly found in other works on the literature. The data 
                         was obtained by the RAMMER network, composed by four high-speed 
                         cameras, during the summer of 2012/2013 in the city of S{\~a}o 
                         Jos{\'e} dos Campos, Brazil. The relatively large number of 
                         high-speed cameras has enabled us to record a statistically 
                         significant amount of negative cloud-to-ground lightning flashes 
                         per thunderstorm day. We chose as control-cases the five days that 
                         had the highest amount of lightning recorded by the cameras, 
                         making a total of 361 flashes. The analysis was performed in two 
                         ways, the first one considering the control-cases and the second 
                         one considering only the case study. After analyzing all lightning 
                         data we found that the geometric mean of the flash duration was 
                         270 ms, the average multiplicity was 4.3 and the percentage of 
                         single strokes was 20.8% (75 events). These values are similar to 
                         those found in previous single-station studies for the same 
                         region. The case study of this work is February 22nd, 2013, which 
                         had a sample size of 55 negative cloud-to-ground lightning. The 
                         visible lightning characteristics found for this day were: 
                         geometric mean of flash duration of 193 ms; average of 
                         multiplicity of 2.8; and percentage of single stroke flashes, 
                         around 36.4% (20). After evaluation of the statistical tests of 
                         the sample obtained on that day, the lightning location system 
                         BrasilDAT, satellite and radar images were used as complementarily 
                         tools for the analysis. We point the hypothesis that the formation 
                         of clouds with smaller vertical development, has led to lightning 
                         temporally shorter and single-stroke flashes.",
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