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             abstract = "The study of lightning is a topic that has gained significant 
                         attention in the scientific community. By monitoring the periods 
                         of higher flash incidence, it is possible to issue alerts with 
                         information about the intensity, duration and severity of the 
                         storm, so that preventive measures can be taken in order to 
                         minimize the impacts of severe weather phenomena. In this context, 
                         the objective of this study was to identify extreme events of 
                         lightning that occurred in the state of S{\~a}o Paulo, in 
                         Southeastern Brazil, during 2011-2013 and analyze the correlation 
                         between intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning in these events. 
                         Lightning data used in this study are from the Brazilian lightning 
                         detection Network - BrasilDAT. Extreme events were selected using 
                         the Method of Percentiles, applied to the data of intra-cloud and 
                         cloud-to-ground lightning in 13 (thirteen) cities spatially 
                         distributed within the state of S{\~a}o Paulo. We considered the 
                         extreme events as those days when the number of both types of 
                         discharges were higher than Percentile 98. As a result, we obtain 
                         31 cases, with total lightning occurrence exceeding 10.000. For 
                         these events, we found a characteristic intra-cloud to 
                         cloud-to-ground ratio that can be used to identify these extreme 
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