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             abstract = "The Brazilian Cerrado is significantly affected by anthropic fires 
                         every year, which makes the region an important source of 
                         pyrogenic emissions. This study aims at generating improved 1 km 
                         monthly burned area maps for Cerrado based on remote-sensed 
                         information. The algorithm relies on a burn-sensitive vegetation 
                         index based on MODIS daily values of near and middle infrared 
                         reflectance and makes use of active fire detection from multiple 
                         sensors. Validation is performed using reference burned area (BA) 
                         maps derived from Landsat imagery. Results are also compared with 
                         MODIS standard BA products. A monthly BA database for the 
                         Brazilian Cerrado is generated covering the period 2005-2014. 
                         Estimated value of BA is 1.3 times larger than the value derived 
                         from reference data, making the product suitable for applications 
                         in fire emission studies and ecosystem management. As expected the 
                         intra and inter-annual variability of estimated BA over the 
                         Brazilian Cerrado is in agreement with the regime of 
                         precipitation. This work represents the first step towards setting 
                         up a regional database of BA for Brazil to be developed in the 
                         framework of BrFLAS, an R and D project in the areas of fire 
                         emissions and ecosystem management planning.",
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