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             abstract = "This work describes a computational analysis of a hypersonic §ow 
                         over a combined gap/step con¦guration at zero degree angle of 
                         attack, in chemical equilibrium and thermal nonequilibrium. E¨ects 
                         on the §ow- ¦eld structure due to changes on the step frontal-face 
                         height have been investigated by employing the Direct Simulation 
                         Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. The work focuses the attention of 
                         designers of hypersonic con- ¦gurations on the fundamental 
                         parameter of surface discontinuity, which can have an important 
                         impact on even initial designs. The results high- light the 
                         sensitivity of the primary §ow¦eld properties, velocity, density, 
                         pressure, and temperature due to changes on the step frontal-face 
                         height. The analysis showed that the upstream disturbance in the 
                         gap/step con- ¦guration increased with increasing the frontal-face 
                         height. In addition, it was observed that the separation region 
                         for the gap/step con¦gura- tion increased with increasing the step 
                         frontal-face height. It was found that density and pressure for 
                         the gap/step con¦guration dramatically increased inside the gap as 
                         compared to those observed for the gap con- ¦guration, i. e., a 
                         gap without a step.",
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