editor = "Gonzalez Alarcon, Walter Dem{\'e}trio and Parker, Eugene",
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             abstract = "Motivated by the presentations and discussions carried out at the 
                         Magnetic Reconnection Workshop, held at the National Institute for 
                         Space Research (INPE) of Brazil in March 2014, some of the 
                         scientists who attended it thought that it was timely to prepare a 
                         new book on magnetic reconnection since previous books on this 
                         topic have been published already 8 years before or more. Thus, 
                         this book deals with a review of fundamental concepts on magnetic 
                         reconnection that are still open for research and with 
                         applications of this important cosmic plasma process to regions 
                         going from the Suns atmosphere and the Earths magnetosphere to 
                         domains involving heliospheric magnetospheres, stellar 
                         atmospheres, turbulent astrophysical plasmas, radiation dominated 
                         astrophysical systems, and even quantum systems in which 
                         annihilation of quantum magnetic fluxes seems to take place. This 
                         book updates and extends the scope of previous books on magnetic 
                         reconnection, especially of those edited by Priest and Forbes 
                         (2000) and by Birn and Priest (2007), which the readers are 
                         referred to for reviews on fundamental aspects of MHD reconnection 
                         and of collisionless reconnection. Most of the chapters of this 
                         book have been prepared having graduate students and postdocs as 
                         the main readers in mind, thus providing illustrations and 
                         introductory discussions for the addressed topics. However, we 
                         believe that all researchers in the field of magnetic reconnection 
                         will also profit from the reviews presented in this book since 
                         several of the authors have made an effort to incorporate new 
                         research material in their reviews. Concerning the units used in 
                         this book, because the chapters were written by different authors 
                         with some of them preferring the MKS system and some the CGS 
                         system, we have not made the effort to present all chapters with 
                         only one of these units, also because we assume that the readers 
                         are already familiar to find this same situation when reading 
                         papers in which the authors prefer to use one system or the 
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