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             abstract = "This summary deals with the development of a modular structure 
                         with conceptual focus on the disposal of PCBs (printed circuit 
                         board) in a CubeSat, where instead of the traditional format in 
                         which the cards are stacked inside, the electronic boards are 
                         positioned in the hub side in order to achieve greater internal 
                         space for payloads, as well as facilitating the access of PCBs 
                         during assembly and testing. This concept was titled as {"}petal 
                         model.{"} The proposed structure was created according to the 
                         needs of the various groups taking part in the project. The 
                         modeling of the structure was carried out through a graphical 
                         modeling software where we adapted our concept according to the 
                         international standard specification for CubeSats. The parameters 
                         verified were weight, dimensions and materials, amongst others. 
                         Throughout the development, several prototypes were built in order 
                         to verify the technical feasibility of the proposal, enabling 
                         improvements to be incorporated in the structure. Comparisons of 
                         design and payload volume between the model and the current model 
                         were held. From this study it becomes clear that it is an 
                         interesting model and very competitive in the conceptual aspect, 
                         but for the reliability of that there is the need for further 
                         studies such as vibration, thermal and efforts.",
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