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             abstract = "The CubeSat concept contributed to the consolidation of standards 
                         to small satellites that sets a role model for the construction of 
                         the space segment. However, projects and research in the ground 
                         segment of these satellites in Latin America still did not reach 
                         the same level of achievements as the space segment. This work 
                         aims to present the developments done at INPE in the development 
                         of a reference process to assist in the creation of ground 
                         stations that could be used for those interested in tracking and 
                         receiving data from small satellites in service. This refer-ence 
                         process can be used by graduate and undergraduate students in 
                         general to provide the ground segment of the next generation of 
                         small satellites. It illustrates a case study focused on 
                         Brazilianīs CubeSat pro-jects so it can become later an active and 
                         constant participation in whole Latin America. The development of 
                         small satellites projects are flourish-ing in various Latin 
                         America universities. Moreover, Brazil showed a significant 
                         improvement in the development of such satellites with re-sults as 
                         the NanoSat-Br1 and the AESP-14. Henceforth, this work pre-sents a 
                         reference process based on systems engineering (Concurrent Systems 
                         Engineering Laboratory - LSIS at LIT) as a decision-making guide 
                         for the development of a ground station architecture for small 
                         sat-ellites that meets the needs of having a ground segment 
                         itself. The re-sults are presented as a systems engineering 
                         process guide for the devel-opment of ground stations for Pico and 
                         Nano satellites.",
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