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             abstract = "Integrated Circuits (IC) developed for space application requires 
                         special care during design, manufacturing and qualification 
                         process as they will work on a harsh radioactive environment. 
                         There are specially three important kind of interactions which can 
                         happen between silicon and radiation: a cumulative long term 
                         ionization damage denominated Total Ionization Dose (TID), 
                         instantaneous radiation dose effects denominated Single Event 
                         Effects (SEE) and Displacement Damage (DD) on crystalline 
                         structure of silicon. Due technological restrictions and low 
                         productionlow demand of space ICs, Radiation Hardening by Design 
                         Techniques (RHBD) using conventional Complementary 
                         Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor CMOS process are become more attractive 
                         during the last years. This solution relies on new design 
                         techniques, which mitigate the effects of radiation 
                         aforementioned. In this paper is shown design techniques and 
                         considerations using in the Application Specific Integrated 
                         Circuit (ASIC) developed in Santa Maria Design House (SMDH). This 
                         ASIC was included as technological payload in the NANOSATC-BR1. 
                         The design approaches proposed in this work will be confirmed by 
                         results collected during several months. The radiation hardened 
                         digital cells designed by SMDH proved a tolerance to solar 
                         energetic particles with energies of up to 100MeV.",
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