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             abstract = "In this work we have used statistical and wavelet techniques to 
                         characterize some properties from the Uranus foreshock and the 
                         nearby background solar wind. Results of the wavelet spectra 
                         showed that the dominant waves have common periodicities at 
                         similar to 12 min, similar to 31 min and similar to 65 min for 
                         both the background and foreshock regions. However, the average 
                         wave power for the foreshock interval was about 10 times higher 
                         than for the background solar wind. These common periods found 
                         both in the foreshock and solar wind may be an indicative of the 
                         nature of the turbulent flow at this distance from the Sun. The 
                         foreshock to background magnetic field variance ratio is about 
                         3.0. Minimum variance results show that most of waves have a 
                         compression factor of 0.65 and propagate obliquely to the magnetic 
                         field direction. The main period found at similar to 10-15 min is 
                         close to the frequency observed for upstream waves based on 
                         observations of other planets and that are interpreted in terms of 
                         ion cyclotron resonance. Results from kurtosis parameter showed a 
                         Gaussian behavior indicating there is no significant intermittent 
                         physical processes acting over these components in the background 
                         solar wind. Further, over larger scales, some components presented 
                         a sub-Gaussian behavior, possibly associated to quasi-periodic 
                         waves with finite amplitudes.",
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