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             abstract = "The non-linear estimators are certainly the most important 
                         algorithms applied to real problems, especially those involving 
                         the attitude estimation of spacecraft. The purpose of this paper 
                         was to use real data of sensors to analyze the behavior of 
                         Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) in attitude estimation problems when 
                         it is represented in different ways and compare it with the 
                         standard estimator for non-linear estimation problems. The 
                         robustness of the estimation was performed when this was subjected 
                         to imprecise initial conditions. The attitude parametrization was 
                         described in Euler angles, quaternion and quaternion incremental. 
                         The satellite China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite and 
                         measurements provided by the Satellite Control Center of the 
                         Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais were considered in the 
                         study. The results indicate that the behaviors for both estimators 
                         were equivalent for such parameterizations under the same 
                         conditions. However, comparing the Unscented Kalman Filter with 
                         the standard filter for non-linear systems, Extended Kalman Filter 
                         (EKF), it was observed that, in the presence of inaccurate initial 
                         conditions, the Unscented Kalman Filter presented a fast 
                         convergence whereas Extended Kalman Filter had problems and only 
                         converged later on.",
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