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             abstract = "The wind stress is a measure of momentum transfer due to the 
                         relative motion between the atmosphere and the ocean. This study 
                         aims to investigate the anomalous pattern of atmospheric and 
                         oceanic circulations due to 50% increase in the wind stress over 
                         the equatorial region and the Southern Ocean. In this paper we use 
                         a coupled climate model of intermediate complexity (SPEEDO). The 
                         results show that the intensification of equatorial wind stress 
                         causes a decrease in sea surface temperature in the tropical 
                         region due to increased upwelling and evaporative cooling. On the 
                         other hand, the intensification of wind stress over the Southern 
                         Ocean induces a regional increase in the air and sea surface 
                         temperatures which in turn leads to a reduction in Antarctic sea 
                         ice thickness. This occurs in association with changes in the 
                         global thermohaline circulation strengthening the rate of 
                         Antarctic Bottom Water formation and a weakening of the North 
                         Atlantic Deep Water. Moreover, changes in the Southern Hemisphere 
                         thermal gradient lead to modified atmospheric and oceanic heat 
                         transports reducing the storm tracks and baroclinic activity.",
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