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             abstract = "Convective instabilities of viscous conducting fluids play an 
                         important role in many physical phenomena in planets and stars. 
                         Astrophysical magnetic fields are usually explained in a framework 
                         of the dynamo theory, describing transformation of the kinetic 
                         energy of a flow into magnetic energy. Therefore, an analysis of 
                         purely convective states and their bifurcations, as a control 
                         parameter is changed, provides a detailed framework for the 
                         subsequent study of magnetic field generation by these states. In 
                         this paper, three-dimensional Rayleigh-B{\'e}nard convection in 
                         the absence of magnetic field is investigated numerically for 
                         various values of the Rayleigh number and a fixed Prandtl number 
                         (corresponding to its value for convection in the Earth's outer 
                         core). On increasing the Rayleigh number, we identified periodic, 
                         quasiperiodic, chaotic and hyperchaotic attractors of the 
                         convective system and their bifurcations, thereby describing a 
                         route to spatiotemporal chaos in the convective system. The 
                         occurrence of on-off intermittency in the energy time series is 
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