author = "Granato, Enzo",
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             abstract = "We study the superconductor to insulator transition at zero 
                         temperature in aJosephson-junction array model on a honeycomb 
                         lattice with f flux quantum perplaquette. The path integral 
                         representation of the model corresponds to a (2 + 1)-dimensional 
                         classical model, which isused to investigate the critical behavior 
                         by extensive Monte Carlo simulations on largesystem sizes. In 
                         contrast to the model on a square lattice, the transition is found 
                         to befirst order for f = 1 /3 and continuous for f = 1 / 2 but in 
                         a different universality class.The correlation-length critical 
                         exponent is estimated from finite-size scaling of 
                         vortexcorrelations. The estimated universal conductivity at the 
                         transition is approximately fourtimes its value for f =0. The 
                         results are compared with experimental observations on 
                         ultrathinsuperconducting films with a triangular lattice of 
                         nanoholes in a transverse magneticfield.",
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