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             abstract = "In this work, we examine the vertical component (Z) of the 
                         geomagnetic field observed by ground-based observatories during 
                         the tsunami event which happened on 11 March 2011. For this event, 
                         we have selected nine magnetic observatories distributed along the 
                         tsunami passage, covering up to 3000 km epicentral distance. The 
                         traveltime diagram of the magnetic disturbances is constructed and 
                         compared with the simulated tsunami traveltime diagram. From this 
                         comparison, we identify the amplified magnetic disturbances 
                         appearing during the tsunami arrival in the vicinity of these 
                         observatories. Moreover, mean absolute percentage error map is 
                         constructed to examine the cross correlations among different 
                         observatories and the amplified disturbances are found to be 
                         highly correlated. These features suggest that the amplified 
                         disturbances are tsunamigenic in nature. These results are in 
                         confirmation with the previous near-field studies, and they shed 
                         new insight into the tsunamigenic magnetic disturbances on near- 
                         and far-field distances from the epicenter.",
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