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             abstract = "Many developments have been made to improve the quality and 
                         adherence of CVD diamond films onto WC-Co hard metal tools by the 
                         removing the cobalt from the substrate surface through substrate 
                         pretreatments. Here we compare the efficiency of three chemical 
                         pretreatments of WC-Co substrates for this purpose. First, the 
                         work was focused on a detailed study of the composition and 
                         structure of as-polished and pretreated substrate surfaces to 
                         characterize the effects of the substrate preparation. Considering 
                         this objective, a set ofWC-9%Co substrates, before and after 
                         pretreatment, was analyzed by FEG-SEM, EDS and x-ray diffraction 
                         (XRD). The second stage of the work was devoted to the evaluation 
                         of the influence of seeding process, using 4 nm diamond 
                         nanoparticles, on the morphology and roughness of the pretreated 
                         substrates. The last and most important stage was to deposit 
                         diamond coatings with different crystallite sizes (nano and micro) 
                         by hot-filament CVD to understand fully the mechanism of growth 
                         and adhesion of CVD diamond films on pretreated WC-Co substrates. 
                         The transition from nano to microcrystalline diamond was achieved 
                         by controlling theCH4,/H2, gas ratio. The nano and 
                         microcrystalline samples were grown under same time at different 
                         substrate temperatures 600 C and 800 C, respectively. The 
                         different substrate temperatures allowed the analysis of the 
                         cobalt diffusion from the bulk to the substrate surface during CVD 
                         film growth. Furthermore, it was possible to evaluate how the 
                         coating adhesion is affected by the diffusion. The diamond 
                         coatings were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, XRD, EDS, 
                         FEG-SEM, atomic force microscope and 1500 NRockwell indentation to 
                         evaluate the adhesion.",
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