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                         development of electrochemical devices in recent years. The rapid 
                         growth of scientific interest in the application of CNTs in 
                         different electrochemistry research fields has resulted from a set 
                         of chemical and physical features of these nanostructures, 
                         including high electrical conductivity, chemical stability and 
                         versatility for the immobilisation of chemical and biological 
                         species. The electrochemical performance is dependent upon various 
                         structural factors of the CNTs, such as chemical 
                         functionalisation, number of concentric tubes, exposed CNT area, 
                         and orientation. In particular, a number of recent publications 
                         have shown some beneficial effects when using vertically aligned 
                         CNTs (VACNT). Thus, this book chapter presents an overview of the 
                         processes of synthesis, functionalisation and characterisation of 
                         VACNT for applications as electrode materials for the 
                         electroanalytical determination of different target analytes.",
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