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             abstract = "To study the climatology of the water balance over South America 
                         and analyze the influence of low-level jets (LLJs), a climate 
                         study of the water balance and its main components was performed, 
                         specifically in the Amazon and La Plata basin (LPB) region, from 
                         1979 to 2008. The results showed that on average for the analysis 
                         period, the Amazon basin and LPB performed as a sink of moisture 
                         (ET <P) and as a moisture convergence for the regions, which 
                         accounted for approximately 62% and 43% of the precipitation, 
                         respectively. During the study period, 884 days with an occurrence 
                         of LLJs were observed, occurring most frequently during the winter 
                         and around 0000 and 0600 UTC. When considering the water balance 
                         for the days with LLJs, it was observed that the Amazon acts as a 
                         source of moisture, especially in the dry season, and that the LPB 
                         behaves as a sink during all months. The influence of the LLJ as a 
                         modulator for precipitation on the LPB is clear, as the 
                         precipitation is 32% higher during the LLJ events compared with 
                         days without LLJs. This main pattern shows that the moisture 
                         convergence trough of the LLJs is crucial for the water balance on 
                         the LPB, whereas evapotranspiration is a more important variable 
                         of the water balance on the Amazon basin with or without the 
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