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             abstract = "In this paper we analyze upward connecting leaders induced by some 
                         downward negative lightning flashes that struck an ordinary 
                         residential building located in S{\~a}o Paulo City, Brazil. Most 
                         of what is known about the current of downward flashes comes from 
                         information gathered on towers. There are no observational data of 
                         lightning attachment to common structures or buildings (under 60 
                         m) that are present in almost every city. For the first time, the 
                         attachment process was analyzed by a high-speed camera running at 
                         10,000 images per second. The striking distance observed was 
                         larger for return strokes with higher peak currents. The ratios of 
                         speeds of the downward leader and the upward connecting leader 
                         varied from 1 to 9. The final jump discharge initiated from the 
                         positive upward connecting leader.",
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