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             abstract = "We study a binary system composed of point particles of unequal 
                         masses in eccentric orbits in the linear regime of the 
                         characteristic formulation of general relativity, generalising a 
                         previous study found in the literature in which a system of equal 
                         masses in circular orbits is considered. We also show that the 
                         boundary conditions on the time-like world tubes generated by the 
                         orbits of the particles can be extended beyond circular orbits. 
                         Concerning the power lost by the emission of gravitational waves, 
                         it is directly obtained from the Bondi's News function. It is 
                         worth stressing that our results are completely consistent, 
                         because we obtain the same result for the power derived by Peters 
                         and Mathews, in a different approach, in their seminal paper of 
                         1963. In addition, the present study constitutes a powerful tool 
                         to construct extraction schemes in the characteristic formalism to 
                         obtain the gravitational radiation produced by binary systems 
                         during the inspiralling phase.",
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