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             abstract = "This paper presents a Berth Allocation Problem (BAP) encountered 
                         in an ore terminal located in a Brazilian port. The BAP consists 
                         of assigning ships to berthing positions along a quay in a port. 
                         In the Brazilian port considered here, maintenance activities have 
                         to be performed at the berths and extra fees (demurrage) or 
                         rewards (despatch) for the port administrator are incurred. We 
                         propose a mixed integer linear programming model for the problem 
                         and a set of instances based on real data in order to validate the 
                         model. An adaptive large neighborhood search (ALNS) heuristic is 
                         applied to solve the instances and computational experiments are 
                         performed. The results indicate that the ALNS heuristic yields 
                         good solutions on all instances.",
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