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             abstract = "This study evaluated the potential polluter of the Funil Reservoir 
                         Contribution Basin (BCRF), located in the Paraiba do Sul River 
                         basin, considering the generation of nutrient loading, nitrogen 
                         (N) and phosphorus (P), due to point and diffuse sources from a 
                         distributed modeling using Geographic Information System (GIS). 
                         Loads and annual average concentrations of these nutrients were 
                         generated from the coupling of empirical equations, in GIS, 
                         considering spatial information such as land use/cover, population 
                         living in the basin and long period average annual flow obtained 
                         by equations of rainfall-runoff. The results indicated that 80% of 
                         the total load of nitrogen was generated from point sources and 
                         20% from diffuse sources, while 89.1% were originated from point 
                         sources and 10.9% from diffuse sources for the corresponding total 
                         load of phosphorus. The model estimated adequately the 
                         concentration when compared to the observed values and it was able 
                         to detect the trend of changes in nutrient concentrations along 
                         different sections of the BCRF highlighting significant 
                         correlations between the observed and simulated concentrations of 
                         phosphorus and nitrogen with R-2=0.96 (p<0.01) and R-2=0.70 
                         (p<0.01), respectively.",
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