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                         the temporal difference between the recent two severe droughts of 
                         2005 and 2010 in the Amazonia. The sensitivity of the measure is 
                         demonstrated by disclosing the distinct spatial responding 
                         mechanisms of the Northeastern and Southwestern Amazon (NA, SA) to 
                         the surrounding sea surface temperature (SST) variabilities. The 
                         Pacific and Atlantic oceans have different roles on the 
                         precipitation patterns in Amazonia. More specifically, the very 
                         dry periods in the NA are influenced by El Nio events, while the 
                         very dry periods in the SA are affected by the anomalously warming 
                         of the SST in the North Atlantic. Our analysis discloses 
                         convincingly that the drought 2005 hit SA, which is correlated to 
                         the North Atlantic only. Furthermore, it suggests that there are 
                         two phases in the drought 2010: (1) it was started in the NA in 
                         August 2009 co-occurred with the El Nio event, and (2) later 
                         shifted the center of action to SA resulted from anomalously high 
                         SST in North Atlantic, which further intensifies the impacts on 
                         the spatial coverage.",
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