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             abstract = "In this study, a quasi-analytical algorithm (QAA)-based model was 
                         parameterized using remote-sensing reflectance (Rrs, units in 
                         sr1), total absorption coefficient (at) and total suspended matter 
                         (TSM) concentration. The model was based on the particle 
                         backscattering at 561 nm (bbp(561)) and was derived from the QAA 
                         and TSM concentration. The aim of this work was to parameterize a 
                         QAA-based model to estimate the TSM concentration using the 
                         Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) sensor in the Itumbiara 
                         hydroelectric reservoir, Brazil. The results demonstrated that the 
                         calibrated model, TSM = 0:907 + 5:479 × bbp(561) +, had a 
                         coefficient of determination of R2= 0.70 and that the validation 
                         had an R2= 0.82, RMSE = 41.39% and a mean bias of 0.074 mg l-1. 
                         The primary observation using the TSM and bbp(561) maps is that 
                         waters with lower bbp(561) values have lower TSM concentrations; 
                         there is a direct correlation between bbp(561) and TSM 
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