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             abstract = "In this work, we present a simulation study of equatorial plasma 
                         bubble (EPB) in the evening time ionosphere. The fluid simulation 
                         is performed with a high grid resolution, enabling us to probe the 
                         steepened updrafting density structures inside EPB. Inside the 
                         density depletion that eventually evolves as EPB, both density and 
                         updraft are functions of space from which the density as implicit 
                         function of updraft velocity or the density distribution function 
                         is constructed. In the present study, this distribution function 
                         and the corresponding probability distribution function are found 
                         to evolve from Maxwellian to non-Maxwellian as the initial small 
                         depletion grows to EPB. This non-Maxwellian distribution is of a 
                         gentle-bump type, in confirmation with the recently reported 
                         distribution within EPB from space-borne measurements that offer 
                         favorable condition for small scale kinetic instabilities.",
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