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             abstract = "In this work both the concept and historical origins of the 
                         physical process known as magnetic reconnection are presented, as 
                         well as one of the first analytical models which was used as 
                         theoretical basis for future investigations on the phenomenon. 
                         Magnetic reconnection can occur between two or more magnetized 
                         plasma regimes which are close enough to allow non-ideal 
                         magnetohydrodynamic effects to take place and consequently change 
                         the topological structure of the interacting magnetic fields. As a 
                         result, the plasma can be accelerated in a short amount of time, 
                         as has been observed in explosive physical phenomena like solar 
                         flares. In this work, it is emphasized the first mathematical 
                         efforts employed in order to understand and describe reconnection 
                         according to the point of view of magnetohydrodynamics. Magnetic 
                         reconnection has the potential of becoming a universal mechanism 
                         which can be used to help to understand a myriad of physical 
                         processes occurring in both laboratory and astrophysical 
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