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             abstract = "A duplex treatment, combining a nitriding diffusion process and 
                         the deposition of DLC coatings is investigated as an option for 
                         corrosion protection of precipitation hardening steels, in order 
                         to increase the service life of components used in plastic 
                         injection molds. Hardness and mechanical resistance are determined 
                         and the corrosion resistance in two different media is analyzed. 
                         Non-coated nitrided and non-nitrided samples are also tested for 
                         comparison. Corrosion resistance is investigated by means of 
                         immersion, salt spray, and polarization tests. No signs of 
                         atmospheric corrosion are observed after the salt spray test and 
                         in acid media, the nitrided samples, with and without DLC, present 
                         the lowest mass loss. The duplex sample shows the best corrosion 
                         behavior in the electrochemical tests. The duplex treatment 
                         consisting in plasma nitriding and DLC deposition results in a 
                         very good protection for PH stainless steel against wear and 
                         corrosion. Corrosion of DLC is mostly dependent on the density of 
                         defects that connect the electrolyte with the metal, initiating 
                         delamination, and degradation. The nitrided layer provides in 
                         interface which improves adhesion and retards this corrosion 
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