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                         proposes the use of cognitive maps as support to the problem 
                         identification of the stakeholders during the requirements 
                         elicitation process. It presents a case study of the aerospace 
                         cluster of S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos, State of S{\~a}o Paulo. 
                         The cognitive map technique was developed to represent the views 
                         of the individuals, generating cognitive maps, which, in an 
                         aggregated way, express graphically the collective vision to 
                         support the decision-making process. Applied to Engineering 
                         Requirements, it has revealed the potential to promote the 
                         convergence of different points of view on the actual stakeholders 
                         needs in innovative fashion. This technique has demonstrated 
                         effectiveness when approaching the stated requirements early in 
                         the development process implemented throughout the life cycle of 
                         the system/product.",
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