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             abstract = "Vcmax is the rate of maximum velocity of carboxylation of plants 
                         and is considered one of the most critical parameters for changes 
                         in vegetation in face of global changes and it has a direct impact 
                         on gross primary productivity. Physiological processes are 
                         considered the main sources of uncertainties in dynamic global 
                         vegetation models (DGVMs). The Caatinga biome, in the semiarid 
                         region of northeastern Brazil, is extremely important due to its 
                         biodiversity and endemism. In a field work realized in an area of 
                         preserved Caatinga forest, measurements of carbon assimilation (in 
                         response to light and CO2) were performed on 11 individuals of a 
                         native species. These results of Vcmax measurements in Caatinga 
                         were compared with parameterization of models, revealing that 
                         Vcmax is not well adjusted in several DGVMs. Also, the values 
                         obtained in the Caatinga field experiments were very close to 
                         empirical values obtained in the Northern hemisphere (Austria). 
                         These ecophysiological measurements can contribute in 
                         understanding of this biome.",
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