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             abstract = "This work presents an investigation to determine ground 
                         deformation based on an integration of DInSAR Time-Series (DTS) 
                         and Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) techniques aiming at 
                         detecting high rates of linear and non-linear ground movement. The 
                         combined techniques were applied in an open pit iron mine located 
                         in Caraj{\'a}s Mineral Province (Brazilian Amazon region), using 
                         a set of 33 TerraSAR-X-1 images acquired from March 2012 to April 
                         2013 when, due to a different deformation behavior during the dry 
                         and wet seasons in the Amazon region, a non-linear deformation was 
                         detected. The DTS analysis was performed on a stack of multi-look 
                         unwrapped interferograms using an extension of the SVD (Singular 
                         Value Decomposition), where a set of additional weighted 
                         constraints on the acceleration of the displacement was 
                         incorporated to control the smoothness of the time-series 
                         solutions, whose objective was to correct the atmospheric phase 
                         artifacts. The height errors and the deformation history provided 
                         by the DTS technique were used as previous information to perform 
                         the PSI analysis. This procedure improved the capability of the 
                         PSI technique to detect non-linear movement as well as to increase 
                         the numbers of point density of the final results. The results of 
                         the combined techniques are presented and compared with total 
                         station/prisms and ground-based radar (GBR) measurements.",
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