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                         computing weakly compressible flow bounded by solid walls of 
                         arbitrary shape, using a finite volume (FV) approach coupled with 
                         wavelets for grid adaptation. A volume penalization method is 
                         employed to compute the flow in the Cartesian geometry and to 
                         impose the boundary conditions. A dynamical adaption strategy to 
                         advance both the locally refined grid and the flow in time uses 
                         biorthogonal wavelet transforms at each time step. We assess the 
                         quality and efficiency of the method for a two-dimensional flow in 
                         a periodic channel with a suddenly expanded section. The results 
                         are compared with a reference flow obtained by a non-adaptive FV 
                         simulation on a uniform grid. It is shown that the adaptive method 
                         allows for substantial reduction of CPU time and memory, while 
                         preserving the time evolution of the velocity field obtained with 
                         the non-adaptive simulation.",
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