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             abstract = "We first revisit the energy loss mechanism known as quantum vacuum 
                         friction (QVF), clarifying some of its subtleties. Then we 
                         investigate the observables that could easily differentiate QVF 
                         from the classical magnetic dipole radiation for pulsars with 
                         accurately measured braking indices (n). We show that this is 
                         particularly the case for the time evolution of a pulsars magnetic 
                         dipole direction (f\˙) and surface magnetic field (B\˙ 
                         0). As is well known in the context of the classic magnetic dipole 
                         radiation, n < 3 would only be possible for positive ( \˙ 
                         \˙ B B 0 0 + f f tan ), which, for instance, leads to 
                         B\˙ 0 > 0 (f\˙ > 0) when f (B0) is constant. On the 
                         other hand, we show that QVF can result in very different 
                         predictions with respect to those above. Finally, even if 
                         B\˙ 0 has the same sign in both of the aforementioned models 
                         for a pulsar, then, for a given f, we show that they give rise to 
                         different associated timescales, which could be another way to 
                         falsify QVF.",
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