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             abstract = "In this work we present the results of imaging simulations 
                         performed with the help of the GEANT4 package for the protoMIRAX 
                         hard X-ray balloon experiment. The instrumental background was 
                         simulated taking into account the various radiation components and 
                         their angular dependence, as well as a detailed mass model of the 
                         experiment. We modeled the meridian transits of the Crab Nebula 
                         and the Galactic Centre region during balloon flights in Brazil 
                         (\∼\−23° of latitude and an altitude of View the 
                         MathML source) and introduced the correspondent spectra as inputs 
                         to the imaging simulations. We present images of the Crab and of 
                         three sources in the Galactic Centre region: 1E 1740.72942, GRS 
                         1758258 and GX 1+4. The results show that the protoMIRAX 
                         experiment is capable of making spectral and timing observations 
                         of bright hard X-ray sources as well as important imaging 
                         demonstrations that will contribute to the design of the MIRAX 
                         satellite mission.",
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