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                         with a central frequency of operation of 3200 Hz. Transducers 
                         located on the surface of the resonating sphere, according to a 
                         distribution half-dodecahedron, are used to monitor a strain 
                         amplitude. To improve the performance of the detector it is 
                         essential to decrease the temperature, then it will be cooled 
                         down, this temperature could reach as low as 50 mK. This 
                         refrigerator produces vibration noise that could compromise the 
                         performance of Schenberg detector. In this work we the study such 
                         vibration noise and how it could be minimized proposing a new 
                         connection from the dilution refrigerator to the sphere 
                         suspension. The vibration attenuation is studied by finite element 
                         modeling (FEM) and an attenuation higher than 1024 is found, 
                         higher enough to note compromise the performance of Schenberg 
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