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                         Zone (ITCZ) and ionospheric plasma bubble has been proposed since 
                         the last century. But this relationship has often appeared to be 
                         less than convincing due to the simultaneous roles played by 
                         several other factors in shaping the global distribution of 
                         ionospheric bubbles. From simultaneous collaborative radar 
                         multibeam steering measurements at Kototabang (0.2S, 100.3E) and 
                         Sanya (18.4N, 109.6E), conducted during SeptemberOctober of 2012 
                         and 2013, we find that the total numbers of nights with bubble 
                         (i.e., occurrence rates) at the two closely located longitudes 
                         (Kototabang and Sanya) are comparable. But interestingly, the 
                         total number of nights with locally generated bubble (i.e., 
                         generation rate) over Kototabang is clearly more than that over 
                         Sanya. Further analysis reveals that a more active ITCZ is 
                         situated around the longitude of Kototabang. We surmise that the 
                         enhanced ionospheric bubble generation at Kototabang longitude 
                         could be caused by a higher gravity wave activity associated with 
                         the more active ITCZ.",
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