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             abstract = "This paper presents a fast, accurate, and multifunctional 
                         electromagnetic optimization bioinspired technique that uses the 
                         social spider optimization algorithm (SSO). The proposed technique 
                         is applied to the design of a frequency selective surface (FSS), 
                         with Vicsek fractal patch elements, and an ultra wideband antenna 
                         (UWB), consisting of a ring monopole. In the proposed (synthesis) 
                         technique, the use of a database or the construction of a neural 
                         network is not required. The SSO algorithm communicates via 
                         scripts directly with the Ansoft HFSS software tool, enabling a 
                         good flexibility in the number of parameters to be optimized and 
                         reducing the required computation time. The accuracy and 
                         efficiency of the proposed technique is confirmed by comparison 
                         with experimental results and with other simulation techniques.",
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