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                         concept of magnetic field lines in space plasmas and magnetic 
                         reconnection, followed by presentations on: (a) the meaning and 
                         validity of empirical constructs related with magnetic 
                         reconnection research, such as: moving magnetic field lines, 
                         frozen-in condition and diffusion region of reconnection; and (b) 
                         experimental evidence of the diffusion region and related 
                         energetics. Next, aims to link external (MHD) with internal 
                         (non-MHD) regions of reconnection are discussed in association 
                         with the so-called Axford conjecture, followed by short 
                         presentations on: (a) global equilibria in reconnection; and (b) 
                         the role of the separatrices in global aspects of reconnection. In 
                         the last section, we present additional discussion about the 
                         concept of diffusion region and about the two fundamental 
                         questions associated with magnetic reconnection reviewed in this 
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