author = "Welter, Maria Eug{\^e}nia Sausen",
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             abstract = "The numerical weather prediction is a routine in operational 
                         meteorological centers, where sophisticated computer models are 
                         runned. The atmospheric dynamics is simulated by solving the 
                         Navier-Stokes equation, considering several physical phenomena. 
                         One parameterization is to represent the turbulence. A 
                         counter-gradient flow can be described for higher order closure 
                         turbulence approaches. Here, a first order parameterization for 
                         the turbulent flow is coupled with an explicit counter-gradient 
                         term. Both latter schemes are based on the Taylors statistical 
                         theory of turbulence. These new schemes are applied to the BRAMS, 
                         a meso-scale meteorological model. The simulation is compared with 
                         experimental data measured in the Brazilian Amazon region.",
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