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             abstract = "Atmospheric circulation models combine different modules for a 
                         good description of the atmospheric dynamics. One of these modules 
                         is the representation of surface coverage, since the dynamics 
                         depends on the interaction between the atmosphere and the surface 
                         of the planet. However, these modules depend on a number of 
                         parameters that need to be adjusted. The parameter adjustment 
                         process is called model calibration. In this study, the IBIS 
                         (Integrated Biosphere Simulator) model is calibrated following a 
                         multi-objective strategy. The Pareto set, which embraces the 
                         non-dominated solutions in the search space of objective 
                         functions, is determined by a version of multi-objective genetic 
                         algorithm (NSGA-II). The model sensitivity to the parameters is 
                         evaluated by the Morris method. Synthetic data for calibration 
                         were obtained from the Tapaj{\'o}s National Forest (FloNa 
                         Tapaj{\'o}s), located near to the 67 km from 
                         Santar{\'e}m-Cuiab{\'a} highway (2,51S, 54,58W).",
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