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             abstract = "Future Earth is an evolving international research program and 
                         platform for engagement aiming to support transitions toward 
                         sustainability. This article discusses processes that led to 
                         Future Earth, highlighting its intellectual emergence. I describe 
                         how Future Earth has increased space for contributions from the 
                         social sciences and humanities despite powerful, longstanding 
                         preferences for bio-geophysical research in global environmental 
                         research communities. I argue that such preferences nevertheless 
                         are deeply embedded in scientific institutions that continue to 
                         shape environmental science agendas and, as such, constitute a 
                         formidable obstacle that needs to be recognized and countered to 
                         bolster efforts at effective societal transformation in the face 
                         of sustainability challenges. The analysis draws on two decades of 
                         observant participation in environmental research communities in 
                         the United States, Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere, including 
                         participation in the visioning process that led to Future Earth.",
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