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             abstract = "The astronomical tide was numerically simulated by the MOHID model 
                         for the South-Central Region of Espirito Santo State (Brazil), 
                         between latitudes 19.8 degrees S and 21.2 degrees S. The grid 
                         nesting technique was used to transpose the boundary conditions 
                         from the larger domain to a more refined local domain (spatial 
                         resolution around 450 m), with tidal harmonics provided by the 
                         TPXO tide inverse model as boundary conditions for the larger 
                         domain. Results from the numerical model were compared with both 
                         the pre-existing tide harmonics and the harmonics calculated from 
                         measured data. From the maps of phase, amplitude, tidal ellipses 
                         and residual currents the main tidal kinematic characteristics in 
                         the study area were described. On the continental shelf, the 
                         results showed that the physiography and bathy metry of the region 
                         play an important role in the distribution of tidal co-phases, 
                         co-amplitudes, ellipses and residual currents. The MOHID model was 
                         able to reproduce satisfactorily the astronomical tide and thus 
                         can be used to study the behaviour of the tidal propagation in 
                         continental shelf areas.",
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