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                         DP 2 current system fluctuations is examined using ground-based 
                         multiinstrument observations. The interaction between the solar 
                         wind and magnetosphere generates a convection electric field that 
                         can penetrate to the ionosphere and cause the DP 2 current system. 
                         The quasiperiodic DP 2 current system, which fluctuates coherently 
                         with fluctuations of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) Bz, 
                         penetrates nearly instantaneously to the dayside equatorial region 
                         at all longitudes and modulates the electrodynamics that governs 
                         the equatorial density distributions. In this paper, using 
                         magnetometers at high and equatorial latitudes, we demonstrate 
                         that the quasiperiodic DP 2 current system penetrates to the 
                         equator and causes the dayside equatorial electrojet (EEJ) and the 
                         independently measured ionospheric drift velocity to fluctuate 
                         coherently with the high-latitude DP 2 current as well as with the 
                         IMF Bz component. At the same time, radar observations show that 
                         the ionospheric density layers move up and down, causing the 
                         density to fluctuate up and down coherently with the EEJ and IMF 
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