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                         decomposition of nitrous oxide (N2O) in space thrusters were 
                         prepared by the coprecipitation method. Nitrate solutions of 
                         cobalt, manganese, and aluminum were coprecipitated in a K2CO3 
                         solution at 298 K, with pH adjusted to 10 by adding a KOH 
                         solution. The product was filtered, washed, dried, extruded, and 
                         calcined at 1173 K. The catalyst performances were evaluated in 
                         N2O decomposition using a 2 N thruster, and the experimental 
                         results were compared to theoretical values. In addition, the 
                         performances of the bulk catalysts was compared to those of the 
                         conventional catalyst (5% Rh2O3/Al2O3) for N2O decomposition.",
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