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             abstract = "The different appearances exhibited by coronal mass ejections 
                         (CMEs) are believed to be in part the result of different 
                         orientations of their main axis of symmetry, consistent with a 
                         flux-rope configuration. There are observational reports of CMEs 
                         seen along their main axis (axial perspective) and perpendicular 
                         to it (lateral perspective), but no simultaneous observations of 
                         both perspectives from the same CME have been reported to date. 
                         The stereoscopic views of the telescopes onboard the 
                         Solar-Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) twin spacecraft, 
                         in combination with the views from the Solar and Heliospheric 
                         Observatory (SOHO) and the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), allow 
                         us to study the axial and lateral perspectives of a CME 
                         simultaneously for the first time. In addition, this study shows 
                         that the lateral angular extent (L) increases linearly with time, 
                         while the angular extent of the axial perspective (D) presents 
                         this behavior only from the low corona to \≈5R\⊙, 
                         where it slows down. The ratio L/ D\≈ 1.6 obtained here as 
                         the average over several points in time is consistent with 
                         measurements of L and D previously performed on events exhibiting 
                         only one of the perspectives from the single vantage point 
                         provided by SOHO.",
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